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Become a Monthly Sustainer!

It takes a community to keep Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera and our border partners going. Funding for organizing and progressive work in the state of Texas is very limited. While we do receive some generous funding from local family foundations, we rely on individual contributions to sustain and build our unique programs.

When you contribute monthly to ATCF, you are making a long-term commitment to the movement for progressive change and enabling us to sustain and expand our programs. Monthly Sustainers give between $10 and $100 a month.

Monthly Sustainers

Elvia Arriola

Janet Cook

Pace Davis

Mary Ermey

Howard Hawhee & Galia Harrington

Angela Hinz

Evan Hornig

Bianca Hinz-Foley Trejo 

Neil Foley

Donna Hoffman

Harriet Hogle

Catie Johnson

Nicole Joldersma

Timothy Koock

Judith Liro

Kaitlyn Newman

Judith Norman

Susana Pimiento

Ruth Powers

Gail Rothe

Miguel Rodriguez & Terri English

Robin Schneider

Jen Scott

Nathan van Oort

Mónica Teresa Ortiz

Cindy Steel

Cynthia Waide

Tom West

Whitney Devin

William Yates