Mission, Vision, and Values


Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera raises awareness about conditions of social and economic injustice along the Texas/Mexico border particularly as they affect displaced and disenfranchised communities and supports community-driven resistance to injustice through transnational solidarity and fair trade.


We believe that our environment, our communities and human dignity are sacred and must be respected in the movement for social justice.


  • Transnational Solidarity: We stand with global movements for justice, honoring our interconnectedness and fostering connections across borders.
  • Grassroots Education: We build critical consciousness through popular education and intergenerational wisdom.
  • Coalition Building: We foster critical connections that are expansive in both breadth and depth in our collective struggles.
  • Celebration as Resistance: We find joy in our resistance, celebrating our cultures and communities as acts of defiance against the forces of oppression.
  • Bottom-up power: We believe change happens from the bottom-up, centering the visions and decisions on the frontlines of injustice.

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