Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera

Statement of Purpose

ATCF raises awareness about conditions of social and economic injustice along the Texas/Mexico border particularly as they affect displaced and disenfranchised communities and supports community-driven resistance to injustice through transnational solidarity and fair trade. We believe that our environment, our communities and human dignity are sacred and must be respected in the movement for social justice.

Summer Supplies Drive!

July 8-29
Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera has launched our Summer 2022 School and Office Supplies Drive for our partners, the Comité Fronterizo de [email protected], and the children of the maquiladora workers at the border. 
  • Stand in solidarity with Austin Tan Cerca and the CFO by contributing school supplies - check out the list below - and drop off at one of three locations in Austin.
  • Donations will go to CFO organizing, school supplies for their children, office supplies for their expanding work, and a CFO visit to Austin for a Labor Day event with a solidarity action!
In transnational solidarity since 1999, ATCF has maintained close relationships with our Mexican border partners in the Comité Fronterizo de Obreros y Obreras (CFO). The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting border closings created challenges, but the CFO stepped up to meet their maquiladora workers' immediate pandemic needs. They also expanded union and gender rights organizing in the workplace! 
Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause. It means so much to our CFO partners and us!
Do you want to donate supplies? Check out our list and contact us to arrange drop-off by August 3!
School Supplies Requested:
15 coloring books
220 Pencils
115 Pencil sharpeners
115 Erasers
60 Crayon Boxes
15 JUMBO Crayons Box
50 Boxes of Markers
180 Blue Pens
180 Black Pens
180 Red Pens
35 Glue sticks
85 Liquid glue
5 Play Doh (Plasticine)
90 Scissors
40 Rulers
48 Geometry Game Sets (3D manipulatives) 
Office Supplies Requested:
Filing Cabinet
Computer Speakers
Office Chairs
Computer Camera
Canopy (pop-up)
Small AC unit
Water Dispenser
Small refrigerator
Five portable computers or laptops

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