Board of Directors



Josefina Castillo, Ph.D.

President of the Board

[email protected]

Received her BA in Sociology from Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México and has a PhD in Education from the University of Arizona. Has worked as a Popular Educator in Mexico and the US for over 30 years. Former Director for 12 years of the Austin office of the American Friends Service Committee. Co-founder and current Board Chair of Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera. She is also a board member of Women on the Border.


Susana Pimiento


Colombian attorney with a MA in Public Policy from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. She works as an interpreter and translator and does counter-recruitment outreach with Sustainable Options for Youth. For over two decades, she has done advocacy work in the fields of human rights, demilitarization, environmental justice, arms control and indigenous peoples' rights.

Janet Cook

Has worked in cooperatives and been critical of capitalism as well as patriarchy for decades.  Her many border experiences include providing acupuncture with an Acupuncturists Without Borders team to displaced people stuck in very harsh conditions in Matamoros, Mexico as well as to an indigenous tribe on the U.S. side of the border who were fighting to preserve their cemetery during the recent era of assaults by wall-builders.


Howard Hawhee

ATCF volunteer since 2003. Has been on numerous delegations as a delegate, facilitator and an interpreter. Member of Friends Meeting of Austin (Quakers). ATCF board member off and on since 2010. Works as a software developer at Austin Community College.

Ruthie Powers



Ruthie has been on the ATCF board for several years. She has been on two delegations to the border with ATCF. Her interest in art and crafts has led her to work on the Women and Fair Trade Festival since 2015. She attends Friends Meeting of Austin (Quakers).

Donna Hoffman



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