GoFundMe Charity Fundraiser for our Mexican Partners

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During these times of uncertainty and isolation, both of our major Mexican long-standing partners have been deeply affected: the Border Committee of Workers or CFO and Jolom Mayaetik indigenous cooperative in Chiapas. On top of the already 10-month pandemic as well as the rise in prices of staple foods and lack of income, the Chiapas partners are now suffering the effects of hurricanes which have devastated the region. 

We have had monthly Zoom meetings with both of these organizations. They have expressed a need to support them with projects aimed to sustain the communities they serve. Please consider a gift to help support organizations who are power-building and imagining their world anew. You may read more about these exciting projects here.  We also ask you to please spread the word among your family, friends and networks. 

The fundraiser will last thru December 15.

November 13, 2020 at 3:00pm - December 13, 2020

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