Connecting Threads of Justice

Conectando Hilos de Justicia 

“Connecting Threads of Justice expands trans-national markets while creating a space for women to share ethnic traditions in garment production and women’s empowerment.”

As an outgrowth of our Women and Fair Trade Festival, ATCF facilitated the formation of a project called Conectando Hilos de la Justicia (Connecting Threads of Justice) that brings together two of the Festival’s women’s collectives to share marketing, technical skills and cultural ideas: Jolom Mayaetik in Chiapas, Mexico and Fuerza Unida in San Antonio, Texas. The project is in it's tenth year with the support of NALAC (National Association of Latino Arts & Culture) in San Antonio, Texas. 

Art, Design, and Creativity

Since 2009 when “Conectando…” started, new ideas have been integrated, such as the workshop on patterns that Fuerza Unida offered to two indigenous women’s groups in their Chiapas premises in October of 2013. Likewise, every time that Celia or Rosalinda from Jolom come to Fuerza Unida, they bring new designs that can be adapted to bags, purses or other products that Fuerza generates. Creativity and experience have also lent their share by introducing new artistic skills, adding a variety of designs to the crafts for sale.

This is how women from the US and in Mexico bridge barriers among individuals and across cultures: indigenous women from Southern Mexico connecting with Mexican-American women in South Texas, exchanging skills, expanding markets through common cultural backgrounds, and strengthening their culture as Mexican women here in the US and in Mexico. Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera is very proud to be part of this uncommon and exciting endeavor.

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